The world is in the middle of the coronavirus (COVID -19) pandemic, many countries have closed their borders, cities are in lockdown, bars and restaurants are shuttered, and social gatherings are forbidden or discouraged. 

As expected, the number of cannabis events affected by the coronavirus is rising. 

Here is a list of some of the more well-attended events scheduled in the next two months and their current status:  Please check back regularly as this will be updated frequently.



NECANN Boston – 2020 New England Cannabis Convention: Postponed

From 2014, this convention has been held annually in Boston, and it’s the-place-to-be for every cannabis grower or consumer. It’s considered as one of the largest cannabis-related events on the East Coast. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the convention is rescheduled to June 27 – 29, 2020. 


Oklahoma Cannabis Expo: Postponed. 

The Oklahoma Cannabis Expo is one of the most exclusive expos in the USA. The program includes educational activities such as cultivation and cooking classes. But it also has networking activities, celebrities and keynote speakers from some of the most popular cannabis companies in the world. It’s mentioned in their announcement that due to the coronavirus, the expo will be held from August 16 – 18, 2020.

Washington, DC

National Cannabis Festival: Postponed. 

The festival, formed by a group of cannabis enthusiasts in 2015, celebrates the legalization of marijuana in DC. Due to the coronavirus, the event will now take place on September 19, 2020.


Cannabis Science Conference 2020 – Baltimore: Postponed. 

The focus of this semi-annual conference is to improve cannabis science. Each event during the conference is about the analytical, medical, and cultivation science of the cannabis plant. The conference has been rescheduled to June 29 – July 1, 2020.


10th CannaGrow Expo Chicago: Postponed/Change of Venue

The expo in Chicago has an educational purpose. It’s held to teach many growers, owners, extractors or beginners in this industry about growing and extracting cannabis. For this year’s event, more than 1800 attendees were planned. However, the event will be combined with Cultivation Week, held in Palm Springs, CA on November 9 – 13, 2020.

New York

CannaGather: Canceled, Online-Only. 

The biggest cannabis industry event in NY had to cancel all in-person cannabis events. For this lecture-style event, multiple speakers were planned to participate. Now the event is online-only, and you can still save a spot and attend online 19 March 2020. 


Australian Medicinal Cannabis Conference 2020: Postponed. 

This conference connects Australian and New Zealand manufacturers with the European market. The main goal of the conference is to educate anyone from large-scale manufacturers to managers, and scientists about the cultivation process of cannabis. The original date for this event was March 23-24 but has been postponed to November 16-17, 2020.


Hemp Health & Innovation Expo: Postponed. 

The HHI Expo is considered to be the only event in Australia where attendees can gain knowledge about the benefits of cannabis, and hemp plants. The event is so popular in Australia that in the last 4 years, more than 35 000 people have visited it. Unfortunately, the event has been postponed until 2021


Cannabis Consumer & Business Expo: Postponed.  

This is an event for consumers to learn about different cannabis products and their benefits. A lot of activities will happen, such as panel discussion, network opportunity for both B2B, and B2C attendees. The new dates for the event are  November 20 – 22, 2020.


O’CannaBiz Conference 2020: Postponed. 

The O’Cannabiz Conference in Ontario was created to gather as many businesses as possible. At the event, businesses and attendees can discuss different topics such as the practice of cannabis in the medical, cosmetic or beauty industry. The conference is postponed to October 28 – 29, 2020.



Indicasativa: Postponed. 

As one of the most important trade shows in Italy, Indicasativa has the hemp industry in its focus. Many professionals and hemp producers should visit this popular event. The postponed date for Indicasativa is September 25 – 27, 2020.

Czech Republic 

Konopex: Cancelled. 

Since the Czech Republic has now prohibited all major events, Konopex is yet another cannabis event affected by the coronavirus. The purpose of the event is educational. Topics like how to grow cannabis both indoor, and outdoor are some of the main ones. Sadly, this year Konopex is canceled.


CNBS EXPO Hanfmesse & Konferenz: Postponed. 

This is a unique event that has hemp as the main focus. The creators are innovative enough to offer different ways of using hemp. Unfortunately, the event has been postponed until November 13 – 15, 2020.


The International Cannabis Business Conference – Berlin 2020: Postponed. 

The ICBC is the biggest cannabis event in Europe, visited by attendees from over 70 countries. This year they have Jim Belushi, a famous actor, and a cannabis entrepreneur as special guests. The new dates are July 29 – 31, 2020.


Cannabiznis Expo 2020: Cancelled. 

This is the first time a cannabis industry event was scheduled to take place in this part of Europe, on the Balkans. The goal of the organizers was to raise awareness on the benefits of this plant, share experience from recovered patients and create cannabis business opportunities. Due to the pandemic, the expo will not be held in 2020 and is currently scheduled for May 2021


Spannabis: Postponed

The event is in Barcelona, Spain. Spannabis is a reference trade show for everyone in the cannabis industry. Some of the most popular brands in the sector will attend. It’s now postponed to September 11 – 13, 2020.

United Kingdom 

CBD Global Summit: Postponed

CBD Global Summit is a two-day conference in London that brings value, and quality insights into CBD use and practice. The organizers have postponed this event.  New dates to be announced.  

South Africa

The Cannabis Expo Cape Town: Postponed

This is the largest and most visited cannabis event on the continent. It happens annually in multiple cities in Africa, and it has something for every visitor. From educational activities, workshops and networking events to entertainment space, and business opportunities. Due to the pandemic, it has been postponed. New dates to be announced.


The 2nd International Conference for Cannabinoid Medicine – Sao Paulo 2020: Canceled. 

CannX São Paulo is a conference that brings together some of the world’s best scientists, researchers, and medical personnel to discuss the medical practice of cannabis. In 2018, almost 500 people joined to share their knowledge on the use of cannabinoids in clinical practice. This year’s event is canceled due to the coronavirus, but you can sign up here for further updates. 


Check back often and we will be updating this list and information about events in the coming weeks.

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