Now that weed is legal in many states and the cannabis marketplace is crowded, a company’s cannabis packaging has to stand out to offer an edge over competitors. No matter how good the product is, packaging can make a significant difference to those looking for a particular product but are stumped by the depth of available items. They may go for the packaging that catches their eye if the products are similar in quality and price. Knowing how to elevate your cannabis packaging with creativity is important.

Get Creative

1. Natural Habitat

If a product cannot stand out on the shelf then you have a problem. A package needs to be appealing in looks, nice to hold and be clear in what it contains. You need the potential buyer to pick up the package as those that do tend to buy. A creative package design will do this. However, if your product’s natural habitat is in a dispensary, then what? You have to make sure your labeling and packaging design is distinctive and outstanding so it can shine through the visual and sensory noise that is seen with the other brands around it. Come up with a catchy, clear slogan that makes the buyer want to try it and become one of the people in the exclusive group that likes the product. Be creative with your slogan and make the colors pop so people want to try your cannabis product after it catches their eye. 

2. Offer creatively eye-catching content.

Go back to the basics. Shape, color and text. Thinking about the strategies of good package design means the package shape should imply things about your product. A standard box is not what is going to be unique, something like a glass bottle (think Coca-Cola) is. 

The second basic is color. What expresses the brand’s personability? Make your package pop. Color does not just mean it has to be bright. It could be the earthy tones with strong text that gives a mellow vibe. Think of how Tiffany is known by most people when they see the blue box. A person sees that color and knows its Tiffany’s.

Thirdly, text. This one is a little bit more difficult to use when it comes to behind the counter product but with the right color combined with a logo or sharp letters, the cannabis packaging will be creative enough to catch someone’s attention. The packaging intent is to be a creative signature for the product inside.

3. Think outside the “box”.

Use technology to make your product package creative. Create a connected package. This means if the consumer uses their smartphone on the package, it opens channels online designed just for them and your product. Maybe it links to “how-to” videos, offers, coupons, memberships or more of your products. Maybe a cannabis user could trace where their product came from all the way back to the plant, find recipes using cannabis or even state regulations. All this is done with a click with a smartphone on the product packaging and a link to social media or other relevant websites. This package design is not about more advertising but engaging with the end-user.

Cannabis Packaging

4. Be wise.

In this day and age of social responsibility, be creative and make your package sustainable and socially responsible. This does not mean throw out the other creative ideas, but it does mean use products that prove your company is promoting sustainability and being socially responsible. Tell a story with your cannabis packaging about the company’s journey to support sustainable practices and highlight that the package is an example of exactly that.

5. Hit your target!

Getting creative with your marijuana packaging means being aware of where it is being sold and who it is being sold to. Messaging is key. If you are marketing to Millennials, then understanding that they say they are about authenticity is important to your packaging design. They do not want mass-produced products so perhaps go with cannabis packaging that has something of a twist with each one. Your cannabis brand should aim for uniqueness and back off from the standard brand. Aim for a package that is original and showcases the originality of a product.

6. If you are an independent cannabis business and new to the marketplace, you have lots of leeway in creating an original brand.

If you are already established, then you need to make your cannabis branding integrated and sharp. You need to keep with the brand colors and details that keep true to your products. That does not mean you can be creative. Change containers or shapes but keep the color, fonts and brand prominent. Putting them on a new product in an original way is great and will catch the eye of people who already buy other products from you as they will recognize the similarities. A revolutionary product merged with traditional excellence. Make your creative cannabis packaging play on consumer loyalty.

7. Be an original.

In a cannabis marketplace that is becoming more crowded, packaging has to mean more than just a box. If you really want to be creative look into using specialty bags, small mason jars or stylish tubes that will make your product different. While packaging like this must still meet regulatory standards and might be more expensive, it will make sure your customer remembers your product since it is so different. Bypass the regular boxes and use something that is unique and will have people pairing it with your product when they think about a purchase. Finding ways to be sustainable and original is not as easy as just throwing product in a plain box but it will gain you more customers and make the product memorable.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to make your product get noticed means creative packaging is important. While you need to meet industry standards, you can still make sure your product and brand draw the buyer’s eye to your product on the shelf. Be wise as you choose your package as it can define your product and should trigger a positive reaction from the customers who see and choose to buy it. Repeat sales are what you are aiming for in building brand loyalty.

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