Learning how to germinate marijuana seeds is important if you are going to grow a cannabis plant from scratch. There are various ways to accomplish a good start to the crop, some more successful than others.

A marijuana seed looks like tiny pebbles no matter what the strain. These seeds have food inside them to support a seed for a few days as it begins to grow. When a seed begins to germinate, this food is changed to sugars that the plant will use to break through the hull and begin to grow its roots. Once this has happened, then the small plant has to rely on its environment for future nutrients.

Germination wakes the seed and starts the growth process. Once moisture is introduced, then the shell will be broken open and the root will come out, allowing the plant to access nutrients once planted. The root will grow down and the stem up to help with both nutrients and light.

How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Creating a healthy environment for growth is important. Prior to planting, seeds should be kept in a cool, dark, dry place until ready. A fridge is a good spot. No matter which method you choose to germinate marijuana seeds, seeds need moisture so the seed can grow and break through its shell. They require protection from touch to keep roots safe and temperatures that are like spring around 68-72°F or 20-22°C. A marijuana plant’s environment will help the germination be a success.

Option 1

Germinate seeds in the soil that they are going to grow in. This is an easy and successful method. There is very little interference with the root which is fragile, and it is a natural way for a plant to grow. The soil should be a potting soil or seed starter with a pH of approximately 5.5. Do not add nutrients for at least 2 weeks as it will overdose the small plants.

Prepare the soil by putting a hole in it for the seed about a half-inch deep in a small pot. The seed is put in then covered with loose soil. Use a sprayer to wet the soil and place it under a fluorescent lamp. The soil should be 22°C/72°F. Keep the soil moist and within a week, stems should be seen sprouting. Once plants are 2-4”, then transplant to a bigger pot and plant them deeper.

Option 2

Germinate marijuana seeds in water. This is a successful way to do it as it gives seeds the correct amount of water and saves the stress of the plant pushing through the soil. Fill a glass with room temperature distilled or tap water and put seeds in the water. You can replace the water every other day, but they should only be in it for 2-4 days. They should then split and be moved to the soil once the roots are about 0.2 inches long. Once that is done, then follow the steps from option 1. Gently place seeds in the soil and spray to keep moist. Keep under lights for consistent temperature.

Be very gentle with the seeds as they are delicate, and the roots are fragile.

Option 3

Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Germination with the paper towel method or cotton. Place seeds in between cotton pads or a folded wet paper towel and then moisten with a sprayer. Then place in between 2 plates or under a bowl or in a baggie. The temperature should be the same as soil temperatures in previous options. The seeds should split open in 2-5 days and then when the root is 0.2inches, they can be put into the soil to further germinate marijuana seeds and grown.

Once again, you need to be careful that the roots are not damaged when moving them between growing mediums. Gently use tweezers before the root is too long.

Option 4

Seed germination with starter cubes or plugs is another way to start seeds. Put the seeds in, add water and then they will start to germinate. Using a Rockwool cube that has been pH balanced to 5.5 is perfect. A Rockwool cube is great for hydroponics.

A peat pellet is another way. A peat pellet (or Jiffy pellet) offers nutrient-filled soil that does not need adjusting to germinate cannabis seeds. The pellets are soaked in warm water and then used for the seeds. The pellet is just moved to the soil or another medium where it can continue to flourish. They are also beneficial for cloning.

Creating the Right Growing Environment

Once the way of germinating is chosen, then the growing environment has to be right as well. Temperature, moisture, and maintenance are all important.

Watering is crucial to any plant growth. Too much and the cannabis seed germination will lack oxygen to the root; too little and the root dies. Balance is important. Once the seed is in a growing medium, then only add moisture until the water starts dripping from the bottom. Seeds will dry out quickly, so it is something that needs to be monitored closely.

Lighting is another crucial aspect of germination. Proper lighting is needed for heat and fluorescent lights are best for this. They do not use a lot of power or throw off too much heat. Once there are a few leaves, then it helps with photosynthesis. Soil should be the same temperature as with the other options and remain damp. If you can create a humid place for the seeds as they sprout, then that is a help as well.

Planting Germinated Seeds

Once seeds have sprouted then they need to be planted. Be very gentle if they are not in a medium or have to be transferred. The taproot is extremely fragile. Plant the cannabis seed root down and cover. The top of the seed should be just under the surface.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to germinate marijuana seeds lets the grower control the strains and the germination process. You know how and where your cannabis is being grown. Growing cannabis is not a complicated process, but it needs to be followed diligently for the best results. Following steps precisely while keeping a close eye on the process and using the right equipment will lead to a strong and healthy cannabis plant that offers a great harvest when ready.

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