Being an inspiring marijuana business means becoming a member of a community. If a cannabis company wants to succeed and build bridges with their community, supporting local charitable causes is a good way to achieve this. Being genuinely involved means giving back and putting people over profits. This does not mean you have to take a major financial hit when being socially conscious and supportive. It just means you are hoping to support those in need as you can and in return begin to build a great relationship with the people who support your business.

Inspiring marijuana business is the one who does not just offer a sale here and there. Holiday marketing promotions and sales are not inspiring. Giving back to those in need in significant ways is. Giving back should be built-in and intertwined with the company’s overall mission. To be an inspiring marijuana business a company needs to give back consistently, not just offer a short-lived promotion. Here are some truly inspiring marijuana businesses.

Inspiring Marijuana Business

Bloom Farms

Everything about Bloom Farms is inspiring. Each click on their web site takes the viewer to a screen that adds more to their socially conscious product and mission. They focus on creating a world that is better and healthier for people and their cannabis products that are part of that world. One of their main “give backs” is that when a Bloom Farm product is bought, they give a meal to a family or person who is in need and is food-insecure. They have given more than 2 million meals since they began this project in 2015. Every vape pen or cartridge replacement that is bought from a retail partner in California means part of that purchase price is given to a great cause. The marijuana company wants people to attain food security with dignity. Check out their mission page for more inspiring insight into how their company works to build a healthier community.


CannaCraft gives lots within their community. This California based company’s well-known cannabis products allowed them to donate $150,000 worth of products to people who were struggling to get medication due to the Northern and Southern California fires. They paired up with other local companies to produce and then distribute this free medicine around the area until people could get back on their feet. CannaCraft works to support programs like Cannabis Voter Project and the Last Prisoner Project. Their goal is to make cannabis more acceptable in mainstream society and to support those who are struggling with reintegration after jail time due to a cannabis conviction.


Inspiring Marijuana Business

Green Thumb Industries

Green Thumb Industries support various groups and people all within their local community. They support the African American Chamber of Commerce, Invest for Kids and Streetwise just as a start. They believe that being a service within the community is central to their company’s mission. They hold what they call Impact Days. These are days when the company goes out as a corporate group to volunteer. They do walks in support of various charities, focus on suicide awareness, the Special Olympics and various cancer awareness programs. One of Green Thumb Industries’ special programs is their support of animal shelters. Their Dogwalker brand of product is used to support animal groups, and they have branded pens to support breast cancer programs and Pride month. They build the companies community while building a relationship with their local community.

Ocean Cannabis Company

This company is out to save the oceans. Founded by Patrick and Mary Ersig, they created this brand and chose to specifically focusing on sustainability. They want to be known for being “green to save the big blue”. They teamed up with companies to create child-resistant tubes produced from plastic that was taken out of the ocean then recycled. All packaging that they use are from recycled products. While these packaging trends are more expensive compared to every day packaging, there is no extra cost to the customer. The company pays the difference so they can help to clean the oceans of the world up and remove as much plastic as possible without costing the customer more.


Harborside opened in 2006 in California and has donated $500,000 to almost 60 community groups that have included Seniors of Oakland and Alameda and the San Francisco AIDS Walk. They began offering holistic services at no cost to the community in 2008 and have already done over 20,000 free hours for needy patients. They have also offered $250,000 of medical marijuana at no cost under the program named Care Package Program. Harborside promotes its mission of building a global community that thrives on generosity. They have built a cyclical situation where they support the community and the community supports them. The more company support there is, the more good they can do in their immediate community.

Sunday Scaries

This is a great cannabis business who do all they can to help their community. They make CBD Gummies called Unicorn Jerky to honor one of the founder’s sister who committed suicide at a young age. They give $1 from each item bought to The Trevor Project. This special program helps to raise suicide awareness in the LFBTQ2 community. The money goes to emergency full-time call operators who support LGBTQ2 youth who are struggling, new initiatives that work to support schools and other critical social programs that work to stop youth suicide as well as working to raise awareness around LGBTQ2 issues. Their money goes to community support in attempts to save the lives of young LGBTQ2 people who are struggling.

Final Thoughts

Inspiring marijuana businesses are ones that do not just offer the odd sale or discount. They are companies that genuinely care about the communities they are based in. These companies are just making random statements to make themselves look good. They embrace their community with not only words but more importantly actions. They have learned what it means to be successful through community. It is important to give back significantly. Marijuana businesses who have chosen to weave mission into the work they do show that it is not just done to make an impression. It is done to make a difference in their community and often the world.

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