Our online headshop carries a wide selection of the highest quality glass pipes and smoking accessories. We stock water pipes, bubblers, concentrate rigs, hand pipes, dab nails, vaporizers, accessories, recyclers, and so much more. DankStop is owned and operated by two young entrepreneurs and glass lovers here in the USA.

We stock a long list of American brand names including Purr Glass, One12 Glass, Black Market Glass, Pulse Glass, Chameleon Glass, Santa Cruz Shredder, Grav Labs, RAW, High Tech Glassworks, C2 Custom Creations, JM Flow, AMG Glass, Nexus Glass, Silika, Empire Glassworks, and many more. We know everyone has different needs. That’s why DankStop strives to offer a massive selection of products that are sure to satisfy everyone. We offer everything from beakers and straight tubes, to sleek scientific glass, to extremely artistic heady glass. From the art collectors and glass connoisseurs to the ‘ballin’ on a budget crew,’ we got you covered. Simply shop by price in the left menu, or give us a call to see what meets your budget.

We started DankStop because just like you, we were tired of the unreliable online headshops out there. With the exception of few, local stores always seem to charge a fortune for limited selections of mediocre glass. We noticed that other online shops were sketchy, had terrible customer service, and you never knew if you’d actually receive your products. We decided to change that by offering the best customer service out there. Feel free to contact our support team by phone, email, Facebook message, Instagram DM, snail mail, or send a pigeon. We will always respond within 24 hours.

Dank Stop was created to revolutionize the online headshop market by offering a simple layout that’s easy to navigate and locate exactly what you’re looking for. By combining our easy to use site with only the best quality products, top notch service, and FREE shipping on all orders, we make sure every customer is satisfied.

330 Talmadge Rd,
Edison,  NJ  08817
United States


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