National CBD Day

August 8th is National CBD Day. It is a day to recognize and celebrate hemp and all its benefits, for learning about CBD and the laws around growing and using it. The hemp market is growing and CBD is making a name for itself when it comes to healthcare and other great products we can derive from it.

Launch your own event on National CBD day to help others learn about products, the difference between CBD and THC, and its natural sources. There is so much to learn and enjoy. Network with others and learn from them as they from you. Once we clear out of our COVID-19 isolation, people are going to be anxious to get to events and enjoy interacting again.

While cbdMD originally founded National CDB Day in 2018 to bring more awareness to the benefits of CBD, enhancing people’s knowledge of the overall product is important, too. National CBD Day is not just about sales of CBD and hemp products. It is about how it supports wellness and all the health benefits it delivers, too.

History of Hemp

When celebrating hemp, you have to include its rich and varied history. This product has been used for centuries for clothing, material, and medical support. While political opponents to hemp have attempted to control its use, science has proven hemp is a needed and beneficial substance, especially when we look at the various uses of CBD. Herbalists have used hemp in many ways to help with people’s health and well-being.

In the 20th century, North American governments placed major restrictions not only on cannabis but hemp as well. The fear put forward in movies like Reefer Madness misrepresented marijuana but it also affected hemp production and sales as politicians lumped it in with marijuana.

Today, we have increased academic knowledge about hemp and science has proven that if CBD is sourced well, you don’t get high from the products. Hemp has been defined since 2018 as a product that has very little or no THC. To distinguish it from marijuana, it has to have less than .03% THC. This means that products made from hemp, such as CBD oil, are not affected by anti-drug legislation and are safe for those who do not want to experience any THC effects. The clear division between hemp and marijuana is important as it allows hemp to have some leeway where marijuana doesn’t.

Get that Hashtag Out There

If you want to help celebrate national CBD Day, you have to get the word out. The more people who learn and understand the benefits of CBD, the more accessible it will become. If more research is done on the health benefits of CBD, it will become more mainstream and accepted. National CBD Day allows us to offer people the opportunity to have fun and try CDB to experience the benefits themselves.


One of the ways to observe National CBD Day is to use the hashtag on your social media accounts. This is great on your personal accounts but even better on a business account. The more people you reach through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and social media sites, the more people may look up the hashtag and learn more about CBD. Get proactive and use #NationalCBDDay to and help people learn about its benefits.

Support your Local CBD Retailer

If you are a CDB user, a good way to celebrate National CBD day is to visit your favorite CBD retailer. They often have giveaways and sales to celebrate the day as well. If you are interested in CBD but its not legal where you live, go online and see what retailers in other places are up to. You may find some good reading and ways to help support the CBD movement. This day is all about learning more and helping others understand the uses and benefits of CBD so supporting retailers and promoting it is helpful to the whole industry.

Create Special Giveaways, Blogs, and Vlogs

If you are a business in the CBD market, this National CBD day is your time to shine! Your social media accounts should be touting the greatness of CBD and offering lots of info to potential users. Giveaways, blogs, and vlogs can all help celebrate and promote the day. The bigger you make it, the more attention CBD gets. The more people know, the more politicians will listen. That means more research, more proof, and eventually more people asking for CBD products to help them feel better.

Whether you are a business or individual who is interested in CBD, you can celebrate National CBD day by advocating for its legality where you live or for those who don’t have it where they live. Writing politicians to ask for legalization and to point out the scientifically proven benefits of CBD is something every advocate can do on National CBD Day.

You can also arrange a gathering of like-minded people to get together and celebrate. If CBD is not legal in your area, maybe a meeting at your local politician’s office with some press would help move their thinking on the use of CBD. Bring literature with you that clearly outlines the truth about hemp and CBD. Often, people make misinformed choices based on a lack of knowledge.

Final Thoughts

As National CBD Day approaches in 2021, we need to find ways to celebrate it and embrace all its benefits. This newly founded day only has a two-year history so building it into a tradition is going to take a lot of us to make it work. It isn’t just about those who are producing and manufacturing CBD products but also about education and legalization. Advocacy is as important as any other aspect of CBD. On National CBD day, find ways to celebrate, enjoy, advocate and educate.


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