Tips for Cannabis Businesses

In today’s time of crisis, you could utilize your time quarantined planning to grow your cannabis business. In the near future, the ever-growing cannabis industry is going to be more competitive, and a well-crafted plan will help you stay ahead.

Legal sales of cannabis in North America are expected to increase $20 billion by 2021 and $47 billion by 2027? As per Statista, the market value of the cannabis sector in the U.S. will rise to $24 billion by 2025. This is a signal that the cannabis industry is booming. It is a perfect opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs to expand, grow and mint huge profits.

Remember, for the entrepreneurs to succeed in the cannabis sector, they need to be truly passionate, have a strong business plan and ace team. Success is linked to the connection that they have with the local cannabis community. Doing in-depth research can help them evade pain and overcome challenges.

Check out our awe-inspiring ways to take your cannabis business to the next level.

Tip 1: Visualize Your Cannabis Brand

Construct a brand that stands out in any marketplace, not just in the cannabis industry

Holly Weig

Your cannabis brand and product must guarantee profits that’ll make the business worthwhile. But there’s a lot of competition in the cannabis industry.

Thus, if you don’t have a unique proposition, you might not get the maximum out of your business. What brand do you want to create in the market?

For more inspiration, collect unique ideas from established cannabis businesses and industry professionals on social media platforms. You can also check our our article for 420 business ideas.

tips for cannabis businesses

Tip 2: Research Your Target Market

The diversity you see in our marketing simply reflects the reality we see every day at our stores

Daniel Yi

Cannabis entrepreneurs must understand their niche market to increase their profits and reputation. There may be few industries that get into growing cannabis for sale, use it as a medicine or for other purposes. Research the demand and supply of the cannabis business by diving into the latest industry news and trends. It will help you understand the legal cannabis market well and what you can expect in the upcoming years.

Tip 3: Jump into What You Know

The one thing that I am focused on is making sure that we always stick to a strategy or doing a few things very well, rather than a whole of the things mediocre

Michael Ray

Another of our tips for cannabis businesses is to avoid jumping into a new venture without any relevant experience. As you know, the cannabis industry is quite complex; thus, it’s better not to dive into what you don’t know or have no experience.

Ask yourself – whether you want to build a marijuana cultivation center or operate a dispensary for growing your business? It’s worth investing in online cannabis courses and education. It will help you understand the ins and outs of the marijuana industry. You will also know how you do good planning for your cannabis business.

Tip 4: Understand and Manage Your Customer Base

To diversify effectively, cannabis operators need to start by understanding who their existing customers are

Green Growth CPAs

Once you have a solid idea, know who is interested in your products or service. Also, know their educational and social background of the existing buyers of your cannabis products. It will help you target them strategically via marketing campaigns.

Monitoring your customer base is also an integral step when it comes to growing your business. Also, be prepared for challenging situations like that of COVID-19.
Avoid over-investing in any channel till you get a positive response from your customers. Discover what they are looking for exactly and how they use your product.
Adapt your marketing strategies with time to directly engage with your customer base and grow significantly within the sector.

Tip 5: Understand and Follow All Cannabis Laws

The legal status of marijuana varies wildly from state to state

Jason Perlow, ZNet

Even if you have got plenty of funds, kickass business plans, and consumers that want, it is essential to abide by the rules. Otherwise, your business gets shut completely. You might need to pay hefty charges and could even go behind bars.

Since the laws and regulations for growing a cannabis business are quite confusing and complicated, it’s best to hire a savvy attorney. Your professional attorney will communicate with other local businesses, community groups, and other important people to help you combat any obstacles that you encounter.

The expert will also assist you in navigating the process smoothly and ensure your business grows fast while adhering to the law.

Tip 6:  Enhance Your Customer Experience

If your cannabis company has the ability to listen to your customers and treat them well, you win!

Team Maryjane

Besides understanding your target market, look for excellent ways to improve the customer experience. If you operate in a brick and mortar space, chat with your customers in person and prepare your team to ask questions.

However, if you are selling your cannabis products online, use a myriad of platforms online to glean customer feedback.

Some of your marijuana marketing campaigns may fail to offer the desired outcome. Find out what went wrong and make the adjustments as per that. Feedback from cannabis experts and customers give you a clue about what you need to do next to get more from your efforts.


Tip 7: To Lead, Delegate

I’ve learned that you have to lead and delegate as efficiently as possible, or else you get stuck working in your business rather than on your own business and vision

Ruben Cross

In order to help your company grow and your team thrive you have to stop doing and start leading. It sounds easy but it is one of the hardest transitions that successful cannabis entrepreneurs have to take. Step back from the day-to-day task and think bigger. In order to do this well and make the transition as easy as you can you should start with your “Why”. Answer this question for yourself and write down the answer. Knowing the “Why” for your company and standing behind it will help your company partners and employees see the bigger picture. The best way to start leading in the right direction is to start with yourself.

Tip 8: Align and Then Grow

Make sure that everyone is aligned with the same mission. Not the bunch of words in a mission statement, but the actual living metrics that underlie everything that makes your mission live.

A.J. Lawrence, co-founder Cannabis Stack, 2x Inc 500 CEO

Doing experiments is a crucial way to find a fit with your mission for growing a cannabis business. Measuring them and to what scale is also equally important. Depending on the customer feedback, play with different marketing strategies for growing your business.

When implementing any new idea, set specific objectives and ways to measure them. Do A/B testing of new products, tactics, and diverse segments of your customer base.

Frequent testing and measuring outcomes of new ideas will give you the required knowledge to grow your business.


By learning about your customer base, cannabis growing tips, continual testing, working to improve the customer experience, building strong community around your brand and measuring new strategies, you will have a profitable cannabis business. Following our tips will help you stay ahead of the competitors and grow as the marijuana industry flourishes.

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